Lucy Yu (Doctor of Physical Therapy)—Learned a lot while receiving the best two hour massage I ever had from Jarid Neuhaus — highly recomended!


Paul Kerzner (Acupuncturist) — I can say without a doubt that Jarid is one of the most talented, professional and skilled massage therapists in the Phoenix-Metro valley. What I appreciate about his work the most is how thorough, deep and accurate his massages are. I’ve had a history of low back and hip pain which has affected my quality of life at times. Jarid’s work has kept me going, significantly reduced my pain and helped me get on with my life. Please be clear that it is not just Jarid’s skill set that I can appreciate but also his demeanor and sense of professionalism. He is a caring individual who goes the extra mile for his patients, and it is because of this that I will continue to receive massage treatments from him and refer more patients.


Stephani Lindsey LMT, Yoga Instructor — Jarid gives the best massages!  He’s who helped inspire me to become a massage therapist!


Alli Watts LMT — Jarid is amazing.  I’ve been a massage therapist for 15 years, and have received hundreds of massages.  Jarid is one of the best. Holistic, effective; amazing hands and spirit.  I can’t wait until my next session with him.


Shirley  Aurelio — Both physically and spiritually, Jarid’s healing abilities are phenomenal.


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